Exoteric Gate (Through the cosmic dream)

Living Divani furnishes the Triennale in Milan
During "La Statale Arte", the University of Milan, for the second time, opens to contemporary art the courtyard of Ca 'Granda, turning it into an open-air sculpture museum. For the inauguration of the exhibition, which coincides with the artist's 80 birthday, Living Divani decorates the Honour Hall/Salone d’onore of the Triennale in Milan with some of its most representative products including the new Rod System, the Metrocubo sofas with geometric lines or the geometric Metrocubo and the sinuous Bubble Rock.

"La Statale Arte" provides the establishment of personal exhibitions of Italian and foreign artists in the seventeenth-century spaces called upon to create site-specific works in dialogue with the surrounding historic architecture. For the second appointment, "The Statale Arte" hosts Nanda Vigo, international artist, architect and designer who, for the occasion, has created Exoteric gate (Through the cosmic dream), a great light-project. In addition to a strong sensory experience in which the moving light defines a new space/time dimension, Exoteric gate is an installation which rewards the different floors Nanda Vigo works in: the reality, the unreal and the transcendence, translated into a luminous substance and mirrored surfaces.

From 15 November 2016 to the end of March 2017
Courtyard of Ca 'Granda Hospital,
University of Milan
Via Festa del Perdono 7

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