Frog va in scena

Frog va in scena
The contest's goal is to honor of the 20th anniversary of Frog, the famous chair designed by architect Piero Lissoni, with an original creation and interpretation. Participants could actually give free rein to their creativity to give a very personal and 'scenic' garment to the seat, that is still fully one of the masterpieces of the Company.

Ambra Pellegatta, with "To sit or not to sit", won the first prize. Behind the project there's the clear desire of nature, from which anyone can get its fundamental elements: fragrant flowers and a cushion of leaves represent the new look for the version "To sit"; opposed is the idea of ​​the rose garden, the result of merging iron, paper and glue, hardened with flatting used for "Not to sit."

Sara Riccardi and Carlo Maria Filippelli won the second place. Frog Oceania and Frog Africa are their achievements. The "Frog goes around the world" project takes inspiration from the Expo 2015 in Milan. On this trip Frog crosses continents and appreciates the habits and customs. From time to time the chair covers material that the new earth can offer.

Be amazed by these works currently on display in Torre Velasca.

"Frog va in scena"
@ Aquarius / Piazza Velasca
MM Missori Milano