Living Divani at Palazzo Bovara

Soft Home, Interiors and Digital Experience
The project, created in collaboration with H-ART and Uda Architetti, of the creative duo Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa, is conceived as an immersive experience in the contemporary living, where visitors are invited to interact with everyday objects that interpret the dual connotation of Soft: either abbreviation for software / soft tech, or as a feature of a cozy and comfortable home.
An installation dedicated to those who, even in the open air, do not want to give up comfort and at the same time, the cosmopolitan look of the Living Divani collection, which can perfectly live between the four domestic walls as well as in a luxury hotel or in a gardens of delights.

Elle Decor Italia
Soft Home, Interiors and Digital Experience
Palazzo Bovara
Corso Venezia N° 51

Design Museum

Soft Home, Interiors and digital experience
Multimedial installation by Elle Decor Italia
Ph. Stefano Pavesi

For Living Divani
Ph. Cesare Chimenti