Opening Velasca - Piazza Velasca

Opening Velasca - Piazza Velasca
Under the metal structure constructed to support the future scaffolding in order to renovate all of the external parts of Torre Velasca, a garden has been set up; a slow, calm oasis with a spectacular 360 ° view of the moving city, where the raw, industrial aesthetics of the scaffolding mixes with the elegance of Living Divani furniture.

In a continuous route around the entire perimeter of the building, various settings show the most famous Living Divani pieces together with the latest products, both for outdoor furnishings.
You are immediately transported into the world of Living Divani formal purity with an Extrasoft composition, displaying an informal appearance and soft comfort, where welcoming and cosy elements are placed alongside each other in regular geometries.They are surrounded by white Family Lounge coffee tables and by Anin stools by David Lopez Quincoces in the outdoor version, an “X “ that thrives on the precision of its lines and the high quality of its materials.

A more formal lounge area has been created with the Filo Outdoor armchairs.
Lively and super pop with green PVC weaving and a stainless steel frame, the two Frog chaise longues are matched with the Jelly coffee table featuring a round black HPL table top, enabling you to lose yourself in your thoughts.
The route around the building ends with a Living Divani classic, Hi Tech armchairs, extreme objects due to their technological and transgressive appearance, created by woven stainless steel softened by a cushion.

Living Divani
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