Torre Velasca, Aquarium

Living Divani @ Aquarium
Low, wide, generous and lively, Frog pays homage to the most fabled of animals: a frog next to a pond and ready to jump. Frog is shown in all its innumerable versions that have renewed its image over time whilst always remaining true to itself. 11 different models are shown in the balance as on a wall of rock, or riding an imaginary wave, to highlight the numerous profiles and the casual look always different that made her famous.

In the presentation the absolute candour of the armchair woven with white PVC profile white painted is followed by the seductive character of the armchair woven with leather profile, the delightful ton – on – ton effect of the armchair with woven in white fabric, the versatility of Frog woven with profile in black PVC and the cheerful super pop chaise longue version, weave with profile in green PVC.

Draws attention the refined elegance of the armchair with three-dimensional black Scooby leather woven while it is hanging to the window Carbon Frog, the ultra-light variant with weave in polyester and carbon structure, practically made to fly.
To finish, catch the eye the affectionately regale chaise longue version, weave with profile in green PVC and the handmade feel of the model woven with 4 thread cellulose cord.

To be added also the 4 “scenographic” versions of Frog, born from the collaboration between Living Divani and Accademia Teatro alla Scala for the project "Frog va in scena”, a competition open to former graduates students of the theater set designer course as an original tribute to the twentieth anniversary of its creation.

Living Divani @ Acquario
Piazza Velasca 5