Ghiroldi Design

New layout for Ghiroldi Design
In order to prepare itself at best, Ghiroldi Design changes the layout of its showroom in Mantova, italy.

Among the Living Divani's products selected for the new layout, could not be missed the iconic modular sofa of the Company, designed by Piero Lissoni in 2008: Extrasoft, here presented in black and white tones, is the quintessence of the modular sofa, where cozy and welcoming seats are place alongside each other in regular geometries, outlining the shapes in a captivating graphic effect.

It is accompanied by the Sartor.C armchairs,the new variants of the Curve armchair designed by Piero Lissoni in 2009, emphasizes the unique quality of the ”deconstructed” armrest and backrest for a more casual comfort, through new materials that enhance the textures and the sensory experiences and the low table B3,by Victor Vasilev, whose design is based on the idea of architecturally-inspired shapes. B3 features a base stand and three tops positioned horizontally at different heights; the results is a coffee table that hover in the air.

The dining area introduces the Notes table by Massimo Mariani, which combines a simple round top in cement with a rigid metallic structure of three slender legs, connected through metallic strips placed at different heights, accompanied by the new Era chairs, design by Daivd Lopez Quincoces, whose retro shape and mix of materials are a homage to past design.

The presentation continues with some Confident armchairs, characterized by rounded and welcoming shapes, suitable for furnishing with taste and simplicity the contract areas and the bookcases Off Cut, by Nathan Yong, designed by assembling interlocking laths of solid wood, made from off-cuts of other pieces of furniture.

Graphic pattern on the floor are created by the Sin Titulo Collection, design by Harry Paul.

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