What is whistleblowing?

It is a mechanism that allows to report behaviours, violations and acts contrary to a rule of law that take place in the working context of the company.
It is strictly forbidden to use the whistleblowing channel for objections, claims or requests of a personal nature.
For example: complaints about shift changes, requests for salary increase, disagreements or enmities with colleagues, commercial complaints etc.

How can I submit a report?

Use the channel available on the company website, at the section Whistleblowing, and read the service activation procedure. You can remain anonymous, but for carrying out the inspections it may be useful to know the reporter’s identity. The identity of the whistleblower is known only by the figures in charge that have the legal obligation of confidentiality. 

What happens after the report is submitted?

The figures in charge will take over the report and will send the “notification of receipt” within maximum 7 days, guaranteeing a response within maximum three months from the notification of receipt. It is possible that the reporter will be asked to provide further information about the report. Depending on the nature of the report, it is possible that the court or the court of auditors will be involved or disciplinary complaints will be activated.
If you want to keep updated on the status of the report, enter the dedicated company page and enter URL and password assigned to you at the moment of the report submission.