Secoli Fashion Show

IM-PERFECT is the concept of SFS 2017. Designers attending Masters and the last year of three-year courses in Fashion Design have challenged themselves this year with the concept of "Imperfection".
Conceptual inspirations come from: the Japanese world of Wabi-sabi that is, imperfect beauty, the artistic ones from the contemporary art by Mimmo Rotella with its décollages, passing through the suggestions of the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj, up to the conceptual visions of designer Rei Kawakubo.

Within this alternation between perfection and imperfection lies the collaboration with Living Divani that has become the location for the video shoot made especially for the launch of this collection, echoing the link between fashion and design; the Metrocubo sofa, with its bold forms, softened thanks to the new comfortable padding, is also protagonist together with the items made by the school.

June, 15th 2017
@ Alcatraz Milano
Secoli Fashion Show 2017

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