Living Divani @ Dream Interiors

Living Divani @ Dream Interiors
Living Divani hosted inside the new location of Dream Interiors, important dealer in Singapore, strengthens its bond and renews its enthusiasm in establishing itself in a strategic and key market such as the Asian one. Singapore represents an extremely fertile ground for design and one of the most growing markets, thanks to its sophisticated and receptive audience, naturally attracted by timeless elegance, discreet luxury and artisan excellence. Since 2006, Dream Interiors promotes delicate and modern lines furniture that perfectly fits both residential and contract spaces in Southeast Asia. The name Dream Interiors is synonymous of Italian design in Singapore: with a clear stylistic vision and a deep understanding of the client's needs, Dream Interiors is one of the best ambassadors of Living Divani style all over the world.

Dream Interiors
1 Kallang Junction
Vanguard Campus
Singapore 339263