Living Divani @ The Litta Variations / 4th movement

Living Divani @ The Litta Variations / 4th movement
From April 17th to 22nd, 2018 Palazzo Litta – the historical home in the heart of Milan - is a theatre of contemporary design with The Litta Variations / 4th movement, the project curated by DAMN ° and MoscaPartners.
In 2018 The Litta Variations / 4th movement is inspired by the practices used in music, specifically the formal technique of variation. From music to design, the challenge is to investigate the creative process, in the different and peculiar ways implemented by studios and companies.
The Courtyard of Honor will host Tempietto nel Bosco, by the London-based design studio Asif Khan, for the first time at Milan Design Week. This wooden installation for The Litta Variations / 4th movement, characterized by a strong upward projection, interprets the natural element of the wood and, at the same time, the architecture of an open-air cathedral, continuation of the Renaissance grid of the Palace which, through an array of interconnected rooms and corridors, leads to a place of peace and relaxation.
"The intimate surrounding rooms are intended as a place to relax and converse during the intense days of Milan Design Week. A soft surface underfoot offers a contrasting texture with the many kilometers of sidewalk that visitors will have passed through" says Asif Khan.
Living Divani, ambassador in developing products that express a flexible and practical way of relaxing, participates in the installation by creating, for the occasion, different hammocks characterized by a hand-made woven frame in tubular, a material that turns from a decorative element to a structural one.

17 - 22 April 2018
Palazzo Litta
Corso Magenta 24, Milan