Bloom turns 20!

Happy anniversary Bloom in this 20+20!
Bloom, the delicate yet unconventional seat designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga in 2000, is now turning 20. Seemingly simple, it hides an intrinsic complexity and beauty, exactly as a blooming flower. The steel structure supports the enveloping shell, whose colour harmoniously contrasts with the hide upholstery of the seat.
In order to celebrate its 20 years of success, we have created an Instagram effect that let you play with Bloom, enjoying to set it in different, unusual and always unique locations.
Follow these instruction and enjoy with us:
1. Go on Instagram profile @livingdivani and follow us
2. Click on the effects’ icon and select the Bloom one
3. Frame your favourite place
4. Drag, resize and rotate Bloom, using your fingers
5. Click and take the picture
6. Share it in your stories with @livingdivani and #bloomturns20

Try the Instagram Effect

The best pictures will be published on our official Instagram account!

Happy anniversary Bloom in this 20+20!