Preview Novelties 2020

Preview Novelties 2020
What being a family means? Now more than ever we find ourselves pondering on the importance of this concept, and on its crucial nature as a core value for a new beginning. Living Divani is a evidence of this, still remaining a human and family-owned Company, a team composed by numerous people and collaborators, that was born more than 50 years ago, when Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli simultaneously started their married life and their professional project.
In fact, families do not remain identical and still: they change and evolve. And in hard times, when habits and customs are put to the test, they reinvent themselves, resulting transformed, expanded and structured to restore the harmony of living together. When we speak about families, we are not only referring to the founding one; to characterize the Living Divani collection there are plenty of them, each different from the other, but sharing the same vision of ethereal and refined beauty typical of the brand. Therefore, Living Divani decides to present itself to 2020 focusing precisely on two families, Floyd and Era, who in the last period have been able to conquer the most sophisticated audience thanks to their simplicity and impeccable execution, and that with the occasion, have the pleasure of revealing their new members.
The protagonists of the collection, once again, are the upholstered systems by Piero Lissoni. Characterized by the armrest nestled between the backrest and seat that gently curves, the Floyd-Hi 2 family in the new version with metal single foot becomes modular: fluid and reassuring shapes that develop in the space to create the desired composition, for solutions with great sobriety and gentle seats. A new classic with a contemporary vocation that opens up to personalization, composition, contamination, Floyd-Hi 2 is designed to bring its impeccable elegance, precious materials, tailored craftsmanship, not only in historic or contemporary dwellings but also in the most lively and experimental international contract.
Living Divani also boasts numerous collaborations with young designers, thanks to the precious and prompt talent scouting activity carried out by Carola Bestetti, the second generation in the Company. Even this year, in the foreground there is the one with David Lopez Quincoces. Born as an evolution of the homonymous family, launched in 2017 and expanded in 2018, Era Scrittoio is a desk with graphic lines and sophisticated materic and chromatic combinations. The veneered wooden top, the colored sides and front of the drawer, the gunmetal grey tubular steel structure and the contrasting brass foot create an harmonious composition in the space: a precise image that has its focus in the essentiality, but that does not give up small charms. With Era, David Lopez Quincoces doses weights and experiments functions, for a family with a subtle silhouette, which never ceases to grow and enchant.
Harmony, pure lines and shapes, essentiality, these are some of the characteristics that identify Living Divani and that we can find in the novelties just proposed. But the collection develops even further: Living Divani is a dynamic, lively, constantly moving reality; it represents a family ready to transform itself to welcome new members, new characters able of enriching it with their expertise; open to experiment with new materials and take on new challenges to offer an original response to the increasingly specific needs of everyday life.
Stay tuned!