Living Divani @ Love Design 2021

Living Divani @ Love Design 2021
A continuing appointment for Living Divani with Love Design®, the AIRC Foundation project dedicated to raising funds to support the best Italian cancer research. This year are involved not only leading names in design, but also brands from the world of fashion, sharing the desire to raise awareness of this important cause among the general public.
For the occasion the Company has chosen to donate the following products:
- the Materica table lamp, a sculptural object. A steel tube ending with a light bulb, characterised by refined simplicity.
- the Vizio cup holder, a piece of furniture which evokes a feeling of dynamism and balance.
- the Mate mute servant, a versatile article that does whatever we choose to use it as.
- the Frog Lounge armchair, light, essential, combining natural materials with icy chroming, in a perfect balance.
The 2021 edition, exclusively online from November 1st , has the ambitious goal of finance three three-year scholarships, each aimed at young researchers.