Living Divani @ Silvera Saint Germain

Audacity, personality and timeless elegance. Living Divani shows itself to the Parisian public with a unique look in exclusive collaboration with its dealer Silvera, staging an installation with extraordinary charm and evocative strength, to start the year with a new energy and projecting itself towards the future. Conceived as a showcase in the heart of the Saint-Germain district, where brands can express their identity, Living Divani reveals itself giving voice to some of its creations, including icons and new proposals. The protagonist, at the center of the scene is a vast Extrasoft composition, the Company's bestseller, signed by Piero Lissoni, and emblem of its constant research to define new forms of relaxation, suggest new ways of living and inspire new lifestyles. As evidence of the dynamic character of Living Divani, and confirming its desire to dialogue with the contemporary, the brand chooses to make use, exclusively at Silvera, of the same silver mirrored covering chosen for the new setting at the Living Divani Gallery, enhancing the beauty of the product between art and design. On the walls, the Sailor bookcases, by David Lopez Quincoces enchant, now enriched in their concept, to welcome, between the airy pace of the uprights, in contrast to the tighter rhythm of the shelves, the new storage units in essence with flap door. Designed to flexibly respond to the needs of the living area or office, Sailor designs the space with lightness and measure, in a calibrated project in the name of refined craftsmanship. For a more operational and work area, Living Divani prefers the Notes table, whose thin legs seem to chase each other by rotating around the central one, to which they are linked with a system of bands arranged at different heights, for a graphic game that offers every time a different perspective. Around it parade the elegant Rivulet by Junpei & Iori Tamaki, where the metallic or wood tubular structure is embellished by a decorative weave that becomes its characterizing element. This installation at Silvera gives visitors the opportunity to experience the Living Divani style in a unique and personal way, never predictable, and which at the same time does not renounce to refinement and personalization, values ​​that have made it point of reference in the panorama of international design.