New animation for Living Divani

New animation for Living Divani
Free, artistic, informal: Living Divani, leader Company in the furniture-design sector, continues its creative path creating, in collaboration with Lissoni Graph.x, an animation that in a mix & match of inspirations with a clear pop influence, reveals the identity of the brand through a visual and graphic tale, blending different styles and techniques, where innovation is balanced with tradition and imagination for a unique and fascinating result.
This project depicts per decades the evolution of the Living Divani style, from its foundation in 1969 by Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli, through the meeting with Piero Lissoni art director from 1989 up to present day.
Reinterpreted in an artistic way that blends reality and imagination, the most representative products of the Living Divani collection quickly parades one after the other: pieces that have inspired new lifestyles, from the beginning up to the latest 2021 novelties that define and enrich the brand's scenarios, in harmony with the timeless icons.
Through a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of fast-paced and engaging optical suggestions, this animation is designed to enchant and express the vitality and creativity behind the neat refinement of Living Divani.
A tribute to the imagery, to the pursuit of excellence and to the free spirit of the Company, which has been able to cover over 50 years of history without compromising on its consistent journey towards a sole aim, the pursuit of the purest beauty in all its variations and facets, becoming a paradigm of the elegance and manufacturing quality of Made in Italy all over the world.

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