Soliloqui: Milano @ Living Divani Gallery

Soliloqui: Milano @ Living Divani Gallery
Gianluca Vassallo & Living Divani.

Photo project and video installation: Gianluca Vassallo.
Set up project: Piero Lissoni.

From Friday April 8th to Saturday May 21st, the exhibition "Soliloqui:Milano" by Gianluca Vassallo is on stage at the Living Divani Gallery in Corso Monforte 20. The urban and human landscape coexist in the author's narrative, giving the observer the opportunity to lightly touch others’ everyday life, almost feel the smell of the living, the talks on current times, deadlines, desires, memories that distract their eyes from the austere and stratified beauty of a metropolis that always unfolds, that always indicates a way to the future, a way of feeling the past.
A photographic presentation that does not end, but on the contrary finds its development in a video project: the Frog armchairs designed by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani become the means to complete Vassallo's story. The seats liven up; they are placed in different contexts around the city, and the story becomes fluid: passers-by interact with the product and the space, and the artist captures the moments, the actions and the emotions.

@ Living Divani Gallery,
Corso Monforte 20, Milano.
+39 02 87178662