Herdade da Malhadinha Nova_Casa do Ancoradouro, 2020, Alentejo

Within the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova estate, in the lower Alentejo, the largest buildings are represented by the Casa do Ancoradouro. This resort, characterized by the color and material of terracotta, is the ideal place to experience a direct connection with nature and appreciate a lifestyle of calm and well-being. A wide living area features an Extrasoft composition in the center that crosses the entire space. Inside the bedrooms, on the other hand, is possible to enjoy the beds of the Neowall family: orthogonal lines for simple and delicate shapes.

Ph: ©️João Guimarães; ©️Alexander Bogorodskiy; ©️David De Vleeschauwer; ©️Francisco Van Zeller; ©️Frederic Ducout