Soft Loft, 2018, Chisinau

This residential space is thought for a young creative couple. It is more like not an apartment, but an extraordinary roof from which to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city. The apartment is located on the top floor and is divided into several functional zones, each with its own personality. The living room is dominated by a wide Extrasoft composition, upholstered in natural fabric; while in the dining room, an unusual table for seven people, is combined with an ascetic kitchen. The private bedroom zone is designed as a single and secluded space for two where the Softwall bed shows a large clear surface, that suggests the flat calm of the sea: a soft perimeter completely surrounds the sleeping space, turning it into an island. The character of the interior is based on soft contrasts where coarse and soft textures are harmoniously combined with simple and quality materials, and cold with warm shades. Despite its industrial character the interior shares a soft, warm and cozy atmosphere.

Studio: linearchitects
Project author: Dmitry Petrov
Photographer: Oleg Bazhura