Haus Gardersee, , Lago di Garda

On one of the slopes of the north-eastern shore of Lake Garda, a couple of entrepreneurs decided to carry out the project for their elegant luxury villa: minimal, delicate but exclusive in every detail. The interiors are flooded with light, thanks to the preference for large panoramic windows that give the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic landscape that surrounds the house. Always inside, the rare presence of partitions has allowed a large Extrasoft composition to develop, giving relaxation opportunities, alone or together. Mini Jelly chairs surround the dining table, covered in the shades of pure white, a color that pervades every space. However, what makes this project unique is the terrace, a dream of comfort and well-being that overlooks the wonders of Lake Garda. To accompany this experience, and to make it even more pleasant, Clivio, covered with decorative patterns in the shades of black and white, was chosen. Sculptural and meditative object, it is a living project that transforms itself, from a daybed to a bench, offering multiple ways of use, either alone or in group.

Project: Dreer+Graf