Loft LS, 2019, Castiglione Torinese

LOFT LS is a project signed by F:L architetti that comes to life in an historic 18th century building transformed into a residence on the Turinese hill. Manor house until 1930, Villa Monfort has been transformed to meet the needs of the client who opted for a large open space for the living area. The protagonist in this space is the Extrasoft modular sofa, proposed in different compositions to create personalized and each time unique relaxation opportunities. Cozy and hospitable seats that come close to each other in regular geometries but with uncertain contours and covered in melange fabric in the shades of white / black. The two sleeping areas are instead located on mezzanines, open on the rooms below but at the same time hidden from view. A polycarbonate "magic box" separates the main areas of the house, and then turns into a large luminous lantern during the night, creating surprising scenarios. The wall-lantern in alveolar polycarbonate sheets and natural black iron structure is the characterizing element of the project and exploits the qualities of lightness, transparency, versatility of the material itself. Thanks to the color palette of the LED light sources, the surface diffuses the light evenly, giving always different chromatic accents to the living area.

Project by F:L architetti
Photo: Beppe Giardino