Quadrant House, 2018, Poland

Quadrant House was born as a simple, sunny and relaxing home, and becomes the first residential project able to rotate, somehow following the movement of the sun. The starting point was linear unbuilt site, located in the southern Poland.
The architect Robert Konieczny has thought about overlapping due volumes: the first one dedicated to both the night and kitchen areas, while the ground floor where are placed the living room and the wellness. The latter is able to “orbit” of 180° in order to always chase the Sun and guarantee the best light to each areas. Moreover, when moving, the architectural volumes create a little garden, a sweet and discreet “oasis of peace” where relax and sunbathing.
While working on the detailed design, the idea implied an innovative frameless sliding window systems which contributes in the overall aim of the project. Everything is perfectly reached by the Sun including the Rabbit and the Tortoise collection, protagonist in the centre of the room, which alludes to the world of childhood and cartoons, to the stylised shapes of animals drawn by children. This family of occasional tables of various heights is designed by the young duo Timo Wong and Priscilla Lui, alias Studio Juju, from Singapore. Seven tables, each a different shape and size, to be arranged so as to create flow within their space, making for constantly new ways of interacting, an experimental experience to be shared with the people who sit around the curves and use them in their everyday life. While the Rabbit model is shaped like a little bunny face, with two long ears pointing upwards, the cute Tortoise model depicts a head and shell, and the three Round tables A, B, C and two Long tables A and B, with different heights and dimensions, complete the range, offering a vast array of possible configurations.
Upstairs, the elegant while delicate night areas feature a wide and natural-coloured Extrasoft composition, the modular sofa with a casual aspect and a soft, more yielding and malleable comfort. Cosy and restful seats which can be placed next to each other in a geometrical configuration, but with irregular contours.

Ph: Joel Hauck
Project: KWK PROMES studio
Interiors: PULVA studio