Purple Office, 2018, Chisinau

The space of this communication agency covers an area of 240 square meters. All the office area is open and permeable, reflecting the company's policy. For the interiors are generally chosen the nuances of white and gray colors with an emphasis on the purple for impactive details. Moreover, the concrete structure of the building helps in reaching a concise design as opposed to the general atmosphere of the space. A large amount of glass creates a sense of openness and honesty characterizing the company. The main task of the setting is to develop free space for creativity and interaction between employees and visitors; comfortable workplaces and suitable spaces for informal events and presentations. Perfect in meeting these objectives is a wide Extrasoft composition, the modular sofa designed by Piero Lissoni in 2008, with a casual aspect and a soft, more yielding and malleable comfort. Cosy and restful seats placed next to each other in a geometrical configuration, but with irregular contours, which enable a 360° relax.

Studio: linearchitects
Project author: Dmitry Petrov, Alexander Zarubin
Photographer: Oleg Bazhura