Valentina Vidrașcu Showroom, 2019, Moldavia

Valentina Vidrașcu showroom is a refined space where the elegant and colourful clothes of the Moldavian designer are shown. The fashion artist linked her creative life with the authentic values of traditional Romanian folk culture for a unique presentation that does not renounce to beautiful paintings and artistic pieces. Presented hung next to the wall, her manufacts appear as if fluctuating in a brilliant dance of tones and nuances, materials and patterns. Great attention to detail and a humble respect for the harmony and proportions, turn Valentina Vidrașcu's creations into true masterpieces. In the center of the room, a wide Extrasoft composition completes with personality the space. For a pleasant moment of rest and to enjoy the delicate view of the products, this essential yet geometric composition of modules is set in a patchwork of different fabrics and sizes, always proposing a new way of relaxing.

Ph: Oleg Bazhura
Studio: linearchitects