Bo Bedre Design Award

Imago nominated as "Furniture of the Year"
Bo Bedre Design Award, established in 2009 by the Danish magazine to celebrate the best of Nordic design, nominated this year the multifunctional Imago coffee table designed by Mikael Pedersen as "Furniture of the Year". The winners of each category will be revealed during the awards ceremony which will take place on Aug. 31 in Oslo.
Imago, one of the novelities introduced in collection this year, is characterized by a funny game of opposites. The net horizontality of the contoured table top is in contrast with the angle of the legs that become thinner; the material aspect of the wood as opposed to the smooth surface and soft seat that becomes three-dimensional.

Also available in a lower and wider version where the upholstered seat is replaced by a recessed floor which serves as the container empties pockets or as a support for vases of flowers or books, Imago is a small sinuous and ironic object but with a clean lines.

31st August 2016
Bo Bedre Design Award