Rievocazione Riviera Fiorita

Rievocazione Riviera Fiorita
Riviera Fiorita is an folk-historical event that takes place along the waters of the river Brenta, between majestic villas and beautiful gardens as frame, where flows a parade of boats of th Serenissima Republic period.

During the morning some of the participants of the Carnival of Venice are at Paolo Riva's bakery. Here Living Divani furnishes the outdoor area with an ExtraWall composition and a Bubble Rock sofa, both designed by Piero Lissoni. To accompany these sofas, some Poncho armchairs, design by LucidiPevere .

In the afternoon, the party will move to MAX interni e design where other products in collection such as the Rod sofa, design by Piero Lissoni, are displayed.

Max Interni e Design
Via Cavour 1/b
Via Roggia Vignola n°9
Treviglio ( BG )

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