Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Salone Internazione del Mobile 2016
NEWS – North East West South

Travelling through the world crossways, searching for its more poetic and unexpected aspects, is something that shines through in the new Living Divani collection.
The bright and dynamic family-run company, which has made of upholstery its trademark, presents at Salone del Mobile 2016 an idea of home with fluid borders where the visitor could breathe a casual and cosmopolitan air and where spaces and cultures are mixed in a free dialogue. The bedroom evokes the forms of the living room, the dining room changes its habit and becomes outdoor, objects and environments complete each other in a harmonious union without renouncing to their particular facets, which portray one of the real and virtual journeys that Living Divani undertakes every day. From north to south and from east to west, intercepting talented designers, manual skills to be rediscovered, and markets to be explored, steering them onto its course.
Living Divani opens up its gaze more and more each day, broadening its horizons and gifting new dimensions to its image. It grasps the nature of places, opening it to the imagination and reinterpreting it with its own purified language and its own incredible savoir-faire, transforming it into something unique that is capable of evoking emotions: a piece of furniture, a texture, or a space that is indisputably Living Divani.

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