Living Divani 50

Perseverance, strong commitment, a touch of luck and a genuine fixation on the highest-quality of contemporary design.
These are the secrets behind the success of Living Divani, the Company from Anzano del Parco (Como) renowned for the immediately recognizable pure and clean lines of its soft furnishings, whose singular journey has turned it into a leading brand with a remarkable international reputation, and brought it to the important milestone of its 50th anniversary.
It's a story of perfectionism, of lightness of shapes and savoir-faire; a story that began at the dawn of the seventies. It was in 1969 when Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli embarked on both their married life and their professional venture.
After 50 years since its foundation, with 60 employees and a constantly-growing sales network, Living Divani remains a family-run, human-centered business, a team consisting of people whose efforts contribute day by day to the creation of the brand’s products. This is a Company with a strong core, always in tune with its philosophy of rigor, clean lines and relaxed elegance, which has succeeded in reaching across the world of design with its own genuine and individual interpretation.