Semiotic? @ Living Divani Gallery

Semiotic? @ Living Divani Gallery
Two forces, two energies that condense giving life to an attractive and captivating illusive motion through the mix of two colours, black and white, that never meet but, coexisting to perfection, invite the eye to dwell on the generated design.
Optical effects, signs that gradually constitute a true language, a relation for which the objects inherent in the space become the signifiers, transforming Living Divani Gallery, on the occasion of the Milano Design Week, into a book narrating the interpretations ascribable to the message.
Semiotic is the sign, the colour, the graphic code, the transposition of the ideas on the objects and, form there, all the resulting visions, arising from the forms and from the dichotomy of black and white in the space.
The question mark ? an exemple of signifier expressing an idea, a concept, questioning the point of view and inviting the search of different perspectives.
The windows between Corso Monforte and Via Visconti di Modrone get dressed in two-one weaves intent on creating plays of shapes and abstractions.