Casa F., 2021, Franciacorta

This residential project is completely surrounded by nature. There is no inside, there is no outside when you are immersed in nature. We merge with it. Located in the heart of Franciacorta, the villa was designed and furnished with the aim of fully experiencing the forest with centuries-old trees, in which it is inserted, also thanks to large windows and an essential structure. The permeability, transparency, allow you to experience the forest from any point, to be an integral part of the surrounding nature. The noises are distant, almost imperceptible, and the only music you hear is that of the leaves, moved by a light spring breeze. The only place where there were no plants seemed perfect to welcome a natural villa, which could grow like a tree, feeding on the same sunlight, with interiors full of lifeblood, made with natural materials. On an architectural level, a patio in the center allows you to receive zenithal light, which spreads both in the living area, at ground level, and in the sleeping area, on the upper floor. Shading is natural and no external curtains are required to have the right indoor climate. In the basement, it was decided to insert a relaxation, wellness and fitness area, almost as if there were roots in the ground. The classic aesthetic is also taken up in the choice of furnishings, which are signed, in large part, by Living Divani: delicate shapes, precious details and refined nuances, of which the brand is the spokesperson. A large Extrasoft composition was chosen for the bright living area, accompanied by another bestseller such as the carbon version of the Frog armchair, proposed in bordeaux. A patio in the center allows you to receive light all day, comfortably seated on George's chairs arranged around the Jelly tables with top in slate. There are also complements, arranged among the various areas, such as the Off Cut bookcase, in the bedroom, or the Tethys tables, with a circular shape, designed by the brothers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.

Project by Marco Carini Studio
Ph by Fausto Mazza Studio
Thx to Ghiroldi Design