Casa GR, 2019, Ostuni

This residential project by REISARCHITETTURA is located in the Apulian countryside and combines the original stone structure with a modern expansion with an essential design: tradition and modernity are linked also thanks to the combination of refined and characteristic materials that dialogue perfectly, creating an homogeneous setting. This space also does not forget the importance of creating a bond, an interaction between indoor and outdoor, offering opportunities to enjoy nature and relax, such as the large terrace surrounded by greenery and peace.
Here then, three hectares overlooking the city of Ceglie, in the beautiful region of Puglia, surrounded by rows of olive trees, maritime pines and vineyards, become the perfect location to renovate a traditional cottage, already present there, and make it a summer residence, a buen retiro where you can devote yourself and live the "slow" life of the Apulian countryside.
The existing structure needed to be renovated and enlarged, without however losing its harmonious and proportionate nature: it was therefore chosen to create a new housing block and to connect it to the existing one through a corridor that acts as an entrance. On the south and west sides of the new space there is a veranda which is completely open towards the swimming pool. If, on the one hand, the new part is dedicated to the living area, the cottage instead houses the sleeping area. The first is designed as a single open space where, through a large window, it is possible to enjoy the view of the pool and the valley, comfortably seated on the Floyd-Hi sofas, in its linear and elliptical version both designed by Piero Lissoni. The detail of the armrest and back cushions set between the structure and the seat and covered with a fabric in shades respectively of white and powder blue, welcome the body in relaxation and invite it to daydream and dedicate to the well-being. The choice, as per this furniture and the rest of the products and materials, is toward minimal; the traditional milky white plaster for the walls, the Apricena stone for the external flooring and the smooth concrete for the internal ones are perfectly combined with the nuances of delicate colors chosen for the upholstered furniture and accessories that inhabit these spaces.

Ph: Alessandra Bello
Thanks to: Area Domus di Martina Franca