Monochrome, 2020, Moldavia

This residential project (signed by linearchitects) was born with the aim of creating a small and essential apartment for two people. It is based on the concept of functionality: the reduced space does not renounce to all the comforts that are cleverly combined and a discreet elegance. Another key point is the monochrome: the interiors are in fact characterized by a single nuance, that of dark gray, capable of giving a sober and peaceful atmosphere, which reflects the soul of the owners, neat and essential.
The two main areas, living and sleeping ones, are joined by a corridor that runs along the entire apartment. The first is divided into two areas: the kitchen where the Polo Grace chairs surround a massive wooden table. Belonging to the Grace Collection, Polo Grace is covered in layers of soft fabric with topstitching and loops to create the design of a belt. For the living room, the NeoWall sofa almost completely furnishes the space, giving both the possibility, on the one hand, to relax in front of the TV or while reading, and to enjoy the landscape through a large and bright window on which it overlooks. For the sleeping area, there is no lack of sophistication and attention to detail: the Rod bed, evolution of the homonymous sofa, is a model with a decisive and elegant line, an invitation to tranquillity, focusing on particulars, such as the buttons placed in the center of the headrest.

Studio: linearchitects
Project author: Dmitry Petrov, Egor Petrov
Photographer: Oleg Bazhura