White Attic, 2020, Moldavia

Linearchitects designs an attic with white walls and wooden flooring dedicated to a family of three people and characterized by a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
The space is dominated by the white color that is chosen for both the lacquering and the upholstery of the furnishings and which harmoniously matches with the oak wood chosen for the floor.
In addition, the entire surface is airy and open: there are no partitions but simple windows or delicate curtains that give depth and breath to the whole.
The day-area joins the kitchen to the living room where two small Extrasoft compositions, designed by Piero Lissoni, stand side by side to offer always new configurations and different oasis of relaxation.
For the night, the homonymous bed is chosen where the mattress area is surrounded by a perimeter of soft, regular volumes embellished with stitchings, which become asymmetrical in the headboard, granting a desire to relax, showing at the same time energy and personality. The Family Lounge Table accompanies it, here used as a bedside table, always in the shades of white. Everything in the name of simple and pure lines, shapes and colors which convey a unique elegance and an experience of peace and comfort.

Studio: linearchitects
Project author: Dmitry Petrov
Photographer: Oleg Bazhura