Design Philadelphia

New Inside World: Light & Form
The exhibition to be held during the DesignPhiladelphia festival, reflects on how design informed and transformed, in the course of history, our concept of the future and our way of life, explaining that the relationship we build with objects reveals much about our needs, our values, our desires, and our ambition.
Suggestive location of the event will be the Arch Street Meeting House: National Historic Landmark located in the heart of the old city of Philadelphia, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the United States. Designated a World Heritage Site, this building was first a church, then a place where women could meet and dedicate themselves to the production of handicrafts.

In this ideal setting, on 7th and 8th October, Living Divani will also star with Bettina Colombo and Agnese Selva from the studio UnPizzo, who will be asked to show live lacemaking in order to help the public understand how, from the yarn, you come to the realization of Tombolo.
The armchair has in fact proved to be a perfect support for their work as it is presented as a real frame around which the lace was braided, turning from a decorative element to a structural one. In the following days, and for the duration of the exhibition, this process will be explained through a video supporting the display of the Tombolo.

From October 6th to 16th , 2016
Arch Street Meeting House
320 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA

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