Designed by Piero Lissoni in 2007 as emblem to crown the first 40 years of the brand, the headquarters of Living Divani in Anzano del Parco is a landmark with a strong visual impact, which interacts with the surrounding environment and transforms it.
The main building, connected to the production department of 13.500 m2 (expanded in 2017 with a new construction), is a two-storey building providing a total of 1140 square metres of floor space: a transparent, horizontal block, a box of light, wrapped in a double skin of glass and horizontal u-glass plates which, as if keeping a beat, mark out the rhythm of the sun's daily path across the sky, drawing new relations between interior and exterior, public and private.
The structure made of exposed galvanized steel is painted by using eco-friendly, photocatalytic paints to minimize pollution, to prove the attention of the brand to the environment. The interior space flows uninterrupted as in a telescope-like perspective that offers an unimpeded view, with transparent glass walls which modulate volumes, so that the detachment between different parts of the building fades away.
The ground floor is dedicated to offices space, whilst the ethereal and neutral upper floor provides a backdrop for the Living Divani collections
The two floors are interspersed by a courtyard, creating surprising glimpses and unexpected views of the surrounding tree-lined garden, a perfect location for the outdoor proposals.
A sober and elegant contemporary architecture made to express the spirit of the Company, its philosophy and its approach to design, which have combined to make it a benchmark in the international upholstery scene, with solid roots in their land of origin, the province of Como.