Manufacture and Production

The products included in the Living Divani’s catalogue are the result of the perfect balance between technical innovation and craft skills, industrial production and manual expertise.
Dedication, experience and a unique relation with shapes and materials, allow the brand to seamlessly manage all production complexities, through a constant dialogue between the creative and the executive production stages.
Highly qualified staff and state of the art equipment give to the Company the possibility to find solutions to all production-related issues. Every step of the production process is followed by thorough tests, to ensure the superior quality of all Living Divani creations.
Fabrics and leather are meticulously selected to avoid any imperfections before the cutting stage.
In order to guarantee a perfect uniformity of results, a computerized system is used for cutting the fabrics while the leather is cut by hand.
Cuts, grouped by product, are sent to the sewing department where the refinement, always different yet fine and accurate, are testimony to Living Divani’s manufacturing experience.
In the assembling department, pieces do assume their definitive shape and undergo one last meticulous check-up, before being sent to the dispatch area.
A warranty is enclosed with each product and includes all information and advices on care and maintenance, in order to preserve the beauty of each creation.