Essential silhouettes and bespoke spirit define the Living Divani collection.
Natural materials such as hide, leather and rope, skillfully interwoven or quilted rediscovering precious traditions, are combined with cotton and linen fabrics, flat or woven effect, featuring embossed stitching that offers incredible optical effects. Sophisticated finishes such as StoneOak®- a natural material with a unique surface whose texture and colors resemble the ones of a stone, made from logs slipped beneath the ground under layers of clay and brought back to light endowed with new, unique beauty - and the soft “Zero Impact” sustainable leather which emphasize the ecological sustainability thanks to a production process that offers total compensation of CO2 through a program of reforestation of different areas, according to transparent criteria.
Living Divani transforms every upholstery in emotions: it creates contemporary classics that exude creativity and elegance, forward thinking and respect for the environment.
The images are merely indicative and may differ from actual finishing.


Sophisticated and quality materials are standard features of the Living Divani collection. All the components of every item are made from top-quality materials. The manufactural process is precise and accurate. The padding are diversified, according to needs, to ensure the maximum comfort.
The typeology of wood and metal are chosen and processed to guarantee aesthetics, mechanical performances, stability, support, flexibility and strength.

Tempered glass is designed for maximum safety.
For these reasons Living Divani products have a 05-year warranty for structural parts and a 05-year one for upholstery parts.

Leather is Living Divani’s favourite material: the perfect finish that adds value to the impeccable shape of its creations.
The brand uses only leather of the highest quality, chosen for its softness and elasticity,...
Living Divani offers a vast range of fabrics in a variety of different colours and compositions, to meet the aesthetic and geographical needs of all its customers.
Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool are...
The full-grain hide used by Living Divani is a material made from cattle shoulders of European origin, entirely vegetable tanned. It is treated with protective pigments for furniture. Processing starts from a high...
Fundamental component of the Living Divani’s idea of comfort, the padding are made of polyurethane in different density and compositions, to ensure optimal ergonomics. Resistance to wear and to natural substances is a...
Down is the padding material par excellence thanks to its properties of softness and adaptability, waterproofing and heat regulation and antistatic and anti-allergy. Living Divani prefers, on account of its intrinsic...
The wood used by Living Divani covers a wide range of typology, tones and finishes and is mainly used for tables and complements.
All woods in collection are selected among the best plantations in the world, carefully...
Metal is widely used in the manufacture of Living Divani products, alone or coupled with wood and glass.
Steel in chrome plated , matt satin, painted or brushed version is used for seat structures as well as for tables...
Carbon Fiber
The carbon fiber, a polymeric material with high performances, is often aided by its physical and mechanical characteristics that define the known characteristic of innovative and eternal material, more and more...
Lacquering and Finish
Living Divani offers different lacquers to connote, from a chromatically point of view, the solid surfaces of its collection: the wide range of colors available includes finishes with reference to the RAL: 9001 White...
With its veins and colours, its feel and visual impact, marble is the most noble stone. A metamorphic rock that following the recrystallization of its original mineral structure results in rocks completely different...
Transparency, brightness and clean shapes: these are the main features of Living Divani tempered glass.
Thanks to controlled thermal treatments that subject it to temperatures of 650°C, the glass acquires 5 times more...
Synthetic Material
Thanks to the optimized performances, the synthetic materials chosen by Living Divani represent a perfect solution characterized by high resistance, which is essential especially in outdoor contexts or public spaces,...
Stone And Ceramic
Living Divani skilfully combines nature with craftsmanship, using stones of intrinsic value for versatile furnishing elements, with a delicate character and innate elegance.

Of uniform colour, Granite is a hard stone...
Entirely realized by hand made with waxed rope, cellulose rope, hide rope, Kevlar, PVC, polyester, rattan or polypropylene tubular, interweaving is a fundamental element of Living Divani craft and style; an area where...
Polymethylmethacrylate is a plastic material formed by polymers of methyl methacrylate, an ester of methacrylic acid. In common parlance the term methacrylate is also known under the trade name Plexiglas®.
Normally it is very transparent, more than glass, so that it has characteristics similar to optical fiber in terms of transparency.