Leather is Living Divani’s favourite material: the perfect finish that adds value to the impeccable shape of its creations.
The brand uses only leather of the highest quality, chosen for its softness and elasticity, from selected livestock farming and treated with methods that preserve the natural characteristics of this material, such as aniline through-dyeing.
Living Divani policy is to choose only leather from certified European producers, who check animals regularly to guarantee them a better quality of life.
Full grain leather is the best choice in the furnishing industry: laboratory tests confirm the absence of banned chemicals, in accordance with European regulations and, at the same time, guarantee durability without compromising quality.
Due to its natural origin, leather may present imperfections such as streaks; these are not considered defects, but characteristics that prove it is of natural origin and has not undergone additional processing.
To demonstrate the importance of the environment, Living Divani has also introduced in collection a “Zero Impact” leather, which emphasizes the ecological sustainability thanks to a production process that reaches the total compensation of greenhouse gas emissions through a project of reforestation of different areas, according to internationally certified procedures.
Since it is a material of natural origin, the leathers may show imperfections such as streaks or similar that must not be considered defects but characteristics that attest to the naturalness and the absence of additional processing.