Living Divani is an Italian company, founded in 1969 from an intuition of Renata Pozzoli and Luigi Bestetti. Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of this dynamic and vibrant family-owned Company that has made its trademark of upholstery.
Since the early 1970s, the Company located in Brianza, the heart of the Italian furniture district, has followed a clear path becoming one of the landmarks in the design landscape. Strategic is the alliance with Piero Lissoni who, since 1988 his dual role as art director and designer, has led the firm’s unique style, through his unmistakable stylist code.
Carola Bestetti, the second generation, joined the Company carrying on an important tradition with enthusiasm and capacity for comparison, bringing in a further breath of femininity and aesthetic sensitivity to this Company.
Driven by innate capabilities, deep involvement, and passion for the design world, in agreement with the art director and designer Piero Lissoni, launches a new phase of opening towards different languages, involving over the years professionals of international caliber, who all share the Company’s style and approach to design and young talents "discovered" through a careful work of talent scouting. Different visions that although in their unique individuality, have the same common denominator: a silent elegance.
In a gradual creative and productive process it was thus created a vast and varied offer, which orbits around the upholstery system, both for indoor and outdoor, comprising in addition to the bed collection, different complements - chairs, coffee tables, small armchairs, tables, bookcases, storage unit and carpets – to create a unique environment, from the essential and rigorous to the multifarious and eclectic one. The Styling Display Project completes and animates the refined collection of the Company: small sculptures of archetypal forms convey the idea of a "Living Divani world ".
The Living Divani collection is conceived as well for the Contract sector, where quality, technical performances and custom-made solutions qualify the Company to be active globally in different fields: offices, banks, airports, hotels, waiting areas, museums, restaurants and showrooms, up to the nautical industry.
Living Divani’s distribution relies on a worldwide articulated dealer network, with the value of exports markets on turnover of more than 85%: over 450 high-end points of sale, distributed in all major cities, which display the latest collection of the Company.
From September 2020, Living Divani Gallery, designed by Piero Lissoni, is the brand's new Milanese outpost: a theatrical stage where to represent the infinite facets of the brand’s style, which offers through different exhibition areas, a surprising stylistic mix capable of enchanting for the perfect harmony, becoming a new place to visit in the city.
Significant acknowledgement of the path of excellence of Living Divani is the entry in 2012 in Altagamma, the foundation that gathers Italian companies of international repute, which operate at the top end of the market expressing the Italian culture and style both in the business model and the product, renowned for innovation, quality, service, design and prestige.
More than 50 years after its foundation, with over 70 employees, the presence in Altagamma, and an ever-growing global network, Living Divani is today a Company with a strong international reputation: a brand always consistent with its philosophy of rigor and clean lines, which has succeeded in reaching across the world of design with its own genuine and individual interpretation.