Fundamental component of the Living Divani’s idea of comfort, the padding are made of polyurethane in different density and compositions, to ensure optimal ergonomics. Resistance to wear and to natural substances is a intrinsic feature of the polyurethane, guaranteeing durability for the padded products, an invisible material but of excellent quality which guarantees a long lifetime to upholstered products. For products with particular shape is used a cold-expanded polyurethane foam padding with metal insert, which allows new possibilities of expression.
Polyurethanes are selected and used by the Company with extreme care and attention, in order to give maximum performance and comfort, calibrating thickness and visual lightness of each model.
For a further softness of the seat cushions, feather is used with insert in polyurethane foam or visco soft (slow memory polyurethane foam), covered by a layer of prewashed and sterilized goose down or coupled with acrylic fiber layers.
For contract sector are used flame-retardant foams, tested and certified according to international standards to ensure adequate protection.