With its veins and colours, its feel and visual impact, marble is the most noble stone. A metamorphic rock that following the recrystallization of its original mineral structure results in rocks completely different from the original.
Among its many variations, all with different colours and structures, Living Divani has chosen two: White Carrara marble and Black Marquinia marble.
With its intrinsic purity and preciousness and its historic tradition, Carrara marble is defined by a very limited number of imperfections. Its slabs have a white pearl texture that sometimes features greyish veins that don’t diminish its value.
On the other hand, Black Marquinia and Sahara Noir marble have a decisive and contemporary character. Their compact black slabs have respectively white, grey or orange swirls and veins of different intensity, that run across it diagonally and irregularly.
Lastly, Rosso Levanto marble has Italian origins and is characterized by a purplish, brown red background with shades and white traces that flow through it.
Used for complements such as tables or styling collection , Living Divani marbles undergo water and oleo- repellent treatments, to protect their surface.