(a+b) dominoni, quaquaro
Milan - Genoa
Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro create innovative objects and environments by blending their passion for antiques with their enthusiasm for the challenges presented to human life in outer cosmic space.
Annalisa Dominoni, born in Milan, has an Honors Architecture degree, and is a PhD in Industrial Design. She designs interiors and products for extreme environments such as the International Space Station, and bases in the Antarctic and is involved in research on smart materials, creativity and design innovation strategies. She was awarded the XVII Compasso d’Oro prize in.
Benedetto, who was born and graduated in Genoa, is an architect with a PhD in Industrial Design He has designed and engineered products with Norman Foster, Emilio Ambasz, Getulio Alviani and Arnaldo Pomodoro. He has led major international interior design and architectural projects, and is also an expert antique dealer.
Annalisa and Benedetto decided to share their past experiences: this has become their unique alchemic formula to experiment new forms such as the combination of aseptic odorless outer space providing no stimulus to the senses and the smell of beeswax, or that of magnetic materials with the taste of wrought iron. They have designed for Abv-Borsani, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Benetton, Cerruti Baleri, Electrolux-Zanussi, European Space Agency, Ferrero, NASA, Technogym, Tecno, Thales Alenia Spazio.
Annalisa and Benedetto extend their professional activity as designers into research through institutional teaching and publishing essays and articles in their field of interest. They are both professors at the Design Faculty of Politecnico di Milano, at the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa and visiting professors at several international univertsities.

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